About Alexandra and Tim

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Alexandra H. (B.A. Hons, LLB, LLM) – I am an infinite divine being incarnated in human form on Earth, like all my other human relations. In earthly terms, I am a masters of law graduate (Aboriginal law) with a passion for protecting Indigenous worldviews and spiritualities. Aside from my various legal missions, my gifts include being able to openly access the akashic records and to channel wisdom from other star systems, the Orion consciousness being my speciality. I believe I am on Earth at this time to help usher in the whirling rainbow of peace by contributing to the building of meaningful relations between Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples and by assisting all humans to find and walk on their sacred paths.


Tim1Tim P. – After finding the strength to overcome an extraordinarily difficult childhood and early adulthood, and healing myself from a multitude of different mental and physical maladies, I had an awakening experience that taught me that I had chosen this life for a reason. I realized that I had been selected as a shaman by spirit before birth, and that my struggles had been the training I needed to learn to help others achieve the same level of healing from their past wounds. Upon that revelation, I embarked on a quest for metaphysical knowledge, studying and attending classes on plethora of esoteric topics, until I realized that I already had all of the knowledge I required within myself. Once I began to unlock the information I had been seeking, I combined it with the materials I had learned to create new methods and modalities to assist me in my work. Apart from my shamanic path, I am currently writing an autobiography to share my life experiences with others who have been through similar challenges and stimulate the awakening of their own inner-healers.

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