What is a starseed and what are twin flames?

A starseed is an individual who has experienced past lives in other star systems. Although we have all experienced such lives, starseeds are those who pass directly from a life somewhere other than Earth to a life on Earth. Starseeds often have unique gifts and usually have a mission to fulfil in their time on Earth, for the betterment of Earthlings and/or their star of origin. Starseeds are believed to be people who will help usher in the whirling rainbow of peace on Earth, according to Indigenous prophecies, so that our planet can ascend towards unity.

Twin flames are a pair of two souls, one the masculine aspect, the other the feminine aspect, who together complete a perfect, unified and balanced “oversoul.” These couples usually have important missions to fulfil together whilst on Earth. More and more twin flames unite each day, bringing Earth’s vibration higher and higher due to the intense energy of love output by such unions.

Why are your readings so inexpensive?

At the Cosmic Current, we believe that intuitive readings should be available to everyone, no matter what their budget. Our mission is to help all of humanity evolve together, and so we go out of our way to provide our customers the highest quality readings for the least amount of money.

We also strongly believe that energy exchanges between buyer and seller are not just done in material money. The positive karma that we generate from doing readings brings us rewards far higher than what money could ever provide us with. We work humbly in service to all our relations and to our beloved Earth Mother to bring forth the whirling rainbow of peace between all.