Monica T. from Woodbridge, ON

“I first came to Alexandra and Tim when I couldn’t wrap my head around my ex fiancé calling off our relationship. It simply didn’t make sense. Through their shamanic work combined with intuitive readings, healing crystal jewellery and teachings, they gave me sound guidance and counselling to help me understand the path that I was/am meant to take with my ex in order for our reunion to occur. Alexandra and Tim also helped me with other issues that came up during my sessions. They helped me understand why certain patterns kept occurring in my life, and they helped me to break these and understand why I had such blocked passages. I am still receiving help from them and I am hoping that when my ex and I reunite, I will also guide him to seek help from Alexandra and Tim. I have already referred a few friends to them as well. They are amazing and I just know I was meant to cross paths with them for everything that is happening in my life right now and that THEY were meant to help me. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and with faith and trust with their help and Gods Will the Universe will conspire in my favour. I give thanks to Alexandra and Tim and the spirits for helping me to accept, learn and appreciate all the lessons I was meant to learn in this life time. Bless. Love you guys.”


Dede A. from Oakville, ON

“In short, Gratitude! I first would like to express my gratitude for being directed to Alexandra and Tim in order to place myself and my family on the correct God-guided path that we were meant to be on. The divine timing of this was very important. We were ready. Perhaps during another period of our lives we would not have been as open and ready to receive such help with incredible results. I believe this readiness has allowed for the flow of my correct destiny and my family’s to unfold.

We first sought your help with our son, who is a “late bloomer” and not so fully coordinated preschooler.  An immediate difference in the child was noted that same evening by myself and my mother after Tim’s shamanic work. My son started to speak more clearly, respond immediately, and most noticeably was the instant balance and coordination of his hands and feet.

A couple days later I decided ask for guidance to help me with my true love, my husband. Since we met, I would often feel a repelling force pushing me away from my husband. I couldn’t explain it but it would come on during our closest and happiest times and out of nowhere. Our true love managed to keep us together even with this strong energy force repelling us. We tried through other avenues to solve this problem and could not do so. It actually became worse. With my husband’s consent and mine and by respecting our religious beliefs, you proceeded to ask God and the Angels to assist us in this. I consulted with Alexandra and Tim to identify the issue and we proceeded with more shamanic work from Tim. I noticed a difference in my husband’s demeanour the day after. Similarly, when I entered our home which you performed a cleanse on, it was different, more bright and I liked being there.

There is  a sense of clarity, or should I say a “oneness” that has been reaffirmed and nothing can come between our natural and supernatural beings between my husband and I. It finally feels that we are a united one after knowing each other for over 12 years.

In addition, Tim helped provide our family with our respective appointed power animals to give us strength and guidance in our journeys. It has been an incredible experience and we are very excited for our future. My family and I thank you so much for everything!”