Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings

Alexandra and Tim provide a number of intuitive readings for various purposes. We also offer custom readings tailored to our clients’ needs. Please visit the corresponding links on Etsy for long-distance readings. If you are in the GTA and would like to request a reading in person, please email us at

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2016-03-04_14h35_31Twin Flame/Soul Mate Shamanic Journey and Inuitive Reading by a Twin Flame Starseed Couple $20.00

This reading is conducted by twin flame starseed couple Alexandra and Tim. Depending on your question and the answer you need, the reading may involve an oracle/tarot reading, intuitive reading/guidance, or a shamanic journey (or a mix – which is usually the case).

This is a reading for any questions regarding twin flames and the twin flame relationship. Questions about soul mates are also acceptable. Possible questions include: is this person my twin flame? Have I met my twin flame yet? Is my twin flame incarnate in this life? Is my twin flame a male or female? If my twin flame is not incarnate, does my twin flame have any messages for me? Etc. Feel free to send questions about soulmate relationships as well.

You will receive a 1000+ typed document sent to the email you specify and via Etsy upon purchase or through email via this website.

*Art by Sheranda Kimura “Angel Matrix”

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IMG_20160128_105815Sacred Geometry Starseed Reading – 5 Cards $10.00

This is a perfect reading for starseeds who are seeking guidance. The Sacred Geometry Deck conveys the wisdom of ancient Earth cultures, shamanic traditions and galactic knowledge to help those on the path of conscious evolution. This deck features lessons from both the micro and macro level, and brings teachings of oneness. This powerful deck also features sacred geometry which the recipient can meditate with in order to gain further guidance. A Sacred Geometry reading is for anyone who seeks a profound and moving reading which will help them forward on their divine path.

This is a 5 card reading. You can ask for specific guidance on a question, or receive general intuitive guidance which will convey the message you are most in need of receiving at the time. Since the cards feature sacred geometry which the recipient may want to view closer and meditate on, high resolution images of the cards pulled for you will be emailed to you along with your reading, which will be 500+ words. Your reading will be conducted by Alexandra.

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The Psychic Tarot – One Question, Five Card Oracle Reading $10.00

The Reading:
During this reading, we will tap into your personal energy signature and draw three cards from the deck to answer any question that you may have. Possible questions include:
– Is my current partner my soul mate?
– What does the future hold for my current business endeavour?
– How can I solve the personal dilemma I’m facing at the moment?
You may ask any question that you can imagine, but we request that you be as specific as possible, as that will reflect in the clarity of the message.

After performing your reading we will send you a document consisting of a picture of each card that was drawn along with a brief description and the meaning behind the card combination in relation to your question.

PLEASE NOTE: Readings will be delivered to the email you provide during checkout. Please use the comment section to provide your birth name (first name is acceptable), and the question you wish to be answered.

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il_fullxfull.901035709_melqStarseed Reading by a Starseed Couple –  Oracle, Intuitive and Shamanic Journey Reading $20.00

The Galactic Heritage Card deck was created to help seekers learn about their cosmic heritage as well as the karmic influences they brought with them to this life. The messages behind the cards were channelled by Lyssa Royal Holt and the artwork was created by David Cow. Readings from this deck can help you discover information about past lives and reveal the karmic lessons that you are still currently learning. You can apply these revelations in this life to enhance your spiritual growth and help unlock your highest potential.

Each reading will be conducted using a five card spread. You will be sent the results in a 500+ word document file along with a picture and brief description of each card, and the significance each holds in your life, as well as a determination of your likely galactic ancestry or influences. Your reading will either be conducted by Alexandra or Tim, who are intuitive starseed twin flames with ties to many different star systems. You may also receive a joint reading from both if you specify the ‘dual reading’ in your email. If you have a preference as to who conducts your reading, please specify this in your email.

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consultationShamanic Spiritual Consultation and Journey $20.00

Tim: My shamanic consultations involve discussion of a particular and important spiritual concern that you may have. I will consult the Shaman’s Oracle card deck to map out forces currently influencing your issue and seek out energies to assist you in future. I will then take a shamanic journey to provide you with additional insight and guidance, and add my own intuitive observations.

Journeying is the common shamanic practice of travelling to unseen realms to work with the energies to gather information to bring back to the physical world. Using my findings, we will work together to create a solution and plan the next steps for you to take along your path.

Please include in your message as much information as you’d like about the issue you wish to discuss. I will shortly after send you a document of 500+ words detailing my findings and recommendations.

Please note: All shamanic consultations are conducted by Tim.

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