Shamanic Services

Tim’s Shamanic Services

Tim1In my work, I combine shamanic models from around the world with information learned from my metaphysical studies, and add my own personal, intuitive flair to the mix. I do not consider myself a healer – I aim to facilitate evolutionary experiences for those I work with. One can spend a lifetime depending on gurus and practitioners of different modalities, but can only achieve true, permanent healing through one’s own efforts. I am committed to help others find this path and take the first steps toward self-realization. While I can assist my clients by leading them in this direction, it is up to them to follow it to achieve their highest potential.

Shamanic Healing Modalities $60/hr:
Soul Retrieval 
Power Animal Retrieval
Gift Retrieval
Energetic Cleansing
Vow/Contract Breaking
Shamanic Divination

Personal Ceremonies (Priced Individually)

Click to find out more about each modality. Healing modalities are priced at $60 per hour. Personal Ceremonies are priced individually.

Shamanic Healing Session/Process:

Each session is usually 2 hours at $60 per hour and proceeds as follows:

1 Consultation
2 Shamanic Journey and Healing
3 Synopsis/Explanation of Journey
4 Supplemental Work

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