About Tim

About Tim – Shamanic Practitioner


As an empath, I experienced an extraordinarily difficult childhood as I was overwhelmed by the energies of other people. I would vividly experience what it felt like to live with the thoughts and emotions of others and exhibit heightened sensitivity and empathy. Those around me misunderstood these empathic tendencies and I was scolded and criticized until I began to view them as curses. At 11, I used my empathic abilities to revamp myself to fit others’ expectations of me, but the results were disastrous. Shortly after, I began to show “typical signs” of mental illness and I was taken to see a youth psychiatrist who compounded my problems. I was prescribed a variety of anti-depressant medications which made me completely lose touch with my true self. In my teen years, I spiralled further into an abyss of pharmaceutical numbness, drug and alcohol addiction, and other health issues. At 20, I was forced to apply for disability coverage, and quit working and attending college due to my mental health struggles.

Feeling hopeless, suicide was never far from my mind; but one day something inside me clicked. I made a plan to take my life back into my own hands. During three years in isolation, I quit smoking, drinking, and using drugs, lost 110 pounds, and weaned myself off the many medications I had been prescribed. I slowly reconnected with my true self and this led to a massive spiritual awakening in November 2014. I then immersed myself in metaphysical studies, reading books and attending many classes on topics ranging from astral projection to Usui Reiki. I believed that I had chosen to experience all of those difficulties in my life so I could overcome them and help others learn to achieve similar results for themselves. I also realized that I had been selected as a shaman by spirit before birth and have been vigorously pursuing this path ever since.