Personal Ceremonies

Personal Ceremonies

These ceremonies are priced individually.


Personal Smudging Ceremony $12

Smudging is the common practice of invoking various ‘plant helpers’ for assistance in cleansing a person, place, or object, of negative energies. A personal smudging ceremony is a process in which the recipient’s energetic field is cleansed of residual negativity from daily interactions which can manifest as physical ailments, moodiness and other harmful mental states. Smudging is particularly helpful for those experiencing times of depression, anger or uncertainty. Smudging is also highly effective in clearing sensitive and empathic people of the energies and emotions absorbed from others. Humans have historically worked with the plant world for assistance in various aspects of their lives. By burning sacred plants in ceremony, the spiritual essence of the plant manifests in physical reality and is then used to clear negative energies. Depending on your needs at the time, I will work with one or more of these sacred helpers, such as sage or cedar, in a short ceremony to clear your energetic body of any negative energies that have become attached. Smudging will leave you with a sense of peace, clarity and greater self-connectedness.

Tie cutting

Tie-Cutting Ceremony $15

A tie-cutting ceremony is a shamanic practice used to clear you of attachments to people, places, and objects from this lifetime and liberate you from any outside interference with your energetic field. Whenever we come into contact with someone, an energetic tie is created, linking us to that person. Through these links, we are connected to others’ thoughts and emotions, which we may even confuse as our own. Sometimes, especially regarding negative or toxic relationships, these ties can actually drain our physical energy, rendering us tired and sluggish. This has an elevated effect on highly sensitive or empathic individuals. These connections can also link us to different places and objects, affecting us in similar ways. A tie-cutting ceremony will leave you with an immediate sense of clarity, knowing that any thoughts and feelings that you experience at that point will belong solely to you. Ties will continue to result from your future interactions, as this ceremony only releases you from past attachments. Therefore I conclude this process with a short lesson on how to maintain your freedom from these energetic attachments.

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Chakra Calibration Session $40

Chakra calibration is a unique process I designed to clear and balance the chakra system and promote an optimal flow of energy. The chakras are seven wheel-like energy centres within our subtle body that serve as bridges between the spiritual and physical realms and connect our mind, body, and spirit. When operating effectively, they form a channel through which energy travels in two currents that flow in opposite directions: upward and downward. The upward-flowing current relates to our spiritual journey towards enlightenment, and the downward-flowing current is associated with creation and manifestation. Throughout our lives as we develop negative patterns from our interactions with other people and different environments, coinciding issues manifest energetically in our chakras, preventing an adequate flow of energy in both directions. This causes us to experience a multitude of issues, including physical pain, lack of grounding, and obstacles in reaching our full potential. During a chakra calibration, I use a combination of crystals and different modalities of energy work to clear any blockages, align, and balance your chakra system to restore the energetic flow in both currents. This may also improve related physical issues, as the chakras correspond with different areas of your body.


Space Clearing Ritual $50+

A space clearing ritual will clear your living or working environment of both negative and residual energy from people and from interactions that have taken place within. Homes and offices can become energetically dense or haunted which often results from the accumulation of these energies. Further, people’s repetitive thought patterns may manifest as “thought-forms” which add to this density. People often mistake this energy accumulation for the presence of spirits or entities. An overabundance of energies can have negative effects on occupants, such as causing moodiness, stress, physical ailments and nightmares.  However, these energies can be immediately remedied using cleansing methods. During a home or office cleansing, I perform a ceremony to create sacred space in the vicinity, working with herbs, energy and affirmations to clear the space of any negative and unwanted energies. Pricing depends on the size of the space and the level of cleansing required.


Shamanic Consultation $60 per hour

My shamanic consultations involve a face-to-face meeting to discuss any spiritual concerns that you may have. During this meeting, I will consult the Shaman’s Oracle card deck to map out forces currently influencing your issue and other energies to assist you in future. I will then take a shamanic journey to provide you with additional insight and guidance, and add my own intuitive observations. Journeying is the common shamanic practice of travelling to unseen realms to work with the energies to gather information to bring back to the physical world. Using my findings, we will work together to create a solution and plan the next steps for you to take along your path. Any information you share during our session will be kept confidential, but you may freely discuss the results of the consultation with anyone you wish.

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